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Performance Production/ Collaboration Workshop

Performance Production / Collaboration Workshop, directed by the collaborative duo Megan Mantia and Leone Reeves, provides a 2 week intensive opportunity for artists to work and study together in a structured, creative environment.

Applications are invited from all the arts (video, architecture, and all forms of visual/ spatial/ durational expression as well as visual artists), performance artists, and music, dance, and theatre practitioners. Disciplines of performance, documentation, installation, writing, movement, music, research, production, promotion, and costuming are discussed in various forms and combinations based on the interests of the participants as well as the instructors. Classes combine the theoretical, and practical application of forms of thought, presentation, types of collaboration, historical and philosophical perspectives and methods of individual and collective expression and creativity. The emphasis of this Performance Production / Collaboration Workshop is on the development and encouragement of new theory and practice in performance/production.

Each class will be a collaboration unto itself, and will take on a life of its own led by the specific people involved. The real work goes on between all of the individuals who come together to construct a series of agreements to work and communicate with each other in order to make art. Facilitating the production of a creative team are intellectual processes of undeniable value. The Performance Production / Collaboration Workshop involves moving into action, finding inspiration, and negotiating community to develop critical awareness through the group as opposed to the self. Hands-on collaborative production allows for the research and the discussion that is essential to the professional maturation and the growth of young artists.

Course Options
2 Credits – 2100 euros
Non-Credit – 1500 euros

Please note that course availability is contingent on sufficient enrollment and that classes are subject to cancellation.

Megan Mantia and Leone Reeves
July 15th to July 25th

No prerequisite


This course will be enjoyed by students specifically interested in working in collaboration

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