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Heather Beaumont, PCA Class of '13, at the PCA - Leysin Artist's Residency

Heather Beaumont, Same Sphere Project, Leysin Switzerland.

Same Sphere Project Leysin, Switzerland

The Paris College of Art – Leysin Residence, isolated from any artistic community, is an opportunity to strip away all familiar environments, tools and methodologies and move into the purity of the landscape. Heather Beaumont, who moved to Shanghai shortly after graduating from PCA, currently lives in a place where the water is hazardous to drink, extreme air pollution requires air masks and purifiers, and an unrecognizable natural biome raped insectless to make way for roads, manufacturing, and housing is all around. When Heather arrived in Leysin, Switzerland, the panacea of environmental problems at her home appeared in compelling contrast to the alpine town’s crystal clear water, air and verdant landscape buzzing with life, resulting in the birth of the Same Sphere Project.

Same Sphere Sound involves collaboration with an American artist, Maya Kramer, who has recorded sounds of pollution and destruction that Heather has played into the alpine landscape. A film project of the same name, Same Sphere Film engages videos of the meadows, waterfalls, and skies of Leysin to be later projected guerrilla style on sites of environmental catastrophe, in a pathetic but poetic gesture of healing. Same Sphere Selfie engages campy but striking images of the artist in a clean landscape, but wearing her air pollution mask.

It is the “Same Sphere” after all.

Published: July 16th, 2014 6:23PM

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