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Study Abroad at PCA

Cassandra Baez, of University of the Arts in Philadelphia came to PCA to improve her artwork and challenge herself in new country. She explains how she has seen her work progress since she came to Paris.

Paris College of Art offers an extraordinary study abroad program for college sophomores and juniors, or those with undergraduate degrees who wish to spend a semester or year experiencing the art, design, and culture of Paris.

At PCA Investigate fashion design, textiles and the history of French costume in the original city of fashion; photograph on the streets of the city where the medium was born; develop your artistic vision while being exposed to classical and contemporary art; expand your knowledge of design by being exposed to European design sensibilities and approaches; and experience French design business realities first-hand.

Paris, the PCA campus: For the students of Paris College of Art the city around them is their campus, library, research center and laboratory. Every art and design discipline finds expression in the streets, shops, and cultural centers of Paris and moving through the city each day is an opportunity to observe new trends and find inspiration.

Student Life at PCA: Study Abroad at PCA students enjoy the intensely creative environment of the studios and classrooms of Paris College of Art and develop relationships with students from PCA as well as those from the many other prestigious art and design schools that are part of our exchange network.



Marnie Shanahan

Sydney College of the Arts, Australia

Thank you for making my time at PCA unforgettable. The knowledge I have gained, inspiration I have found, and challenges I have faced have resulted in both academic and personal growth.

Patrick S. Niemann

Copenhagen School of Design & Technology, Denmark

It was a very interesting and exciting experience to get to go to the opera at Versailles. Walking through the halls at night seeing the old castle from the inside and sensing the atmosphere was incredible.

Genevieve Lemoine

Maryland Institute College of Art, USA

You were always so helpful and we study abroad students could always count on you. Your welcoming attitude and involvement in study abroad student excursions was really an enjoyable experience.

Fuji Dresken

California College of the Arts, USA

I love being so close to so many different countries. When I leave, I’ll miss how easy it is to travel around Europe.

Study Abroad at PCA Students

Gabriella McGoldrick from RMIT receiving the Sophie Halette Prize for Best Lace Jacket

Study Abroad at PCA Students

Matt Sinclair from Edinburgh College of Art Photographed by Megan Wickens from OCAD

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