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General Information

Each applicant is reviewed individually with regard to his or her own experience, achievement and potential for artistic growth. The Admissions Committee’s decision on applications is based upon evaluation of the PCA Portfolio or Design Analysis Essay, the Personal Statement, school transcripts and test scores, and a phone or in-person interview. PCA seeks creative, academically responsible, and highly motivated applicants.

All of PCA’s programs are taught in English and students must have a high level of English proficiency to be successful. As part of the Admissions process, non-native English speakers are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS test results. so that we may evaluate their level of English proficiency. All students for whom English is not their native language and who score below PCA’s published minimum English language proficiency test scores should consider applying for the Pathway to the Degree Program.

Special Conditions of Admissions

In some cases, the Admissions Committee may require one of the following conditions:

Students whose English proficiency test scores fall between 60 and 91 on the TOEFL Ibt or 5.5 and 6 on the IELTS will be considered for entry with English for International Students (EIS) required. All students who are admitted with EIS required as an Admissions Condition, as well as those who are placed into EIS courses as a result of mandatory testing administered during Orientation at Paris College of Art. Enrollment will be limited exclusively to the Studio/departmental portion of the curriculum, plus EIS courses. The student must successfully complete the EIS class in order to continue at Paris College of Art. Any student who does not complete the course with a passing grade in their first semester will receive an academic warning. Any student who has not successfully completed the course by the end of their second semester will be dismissed. Liberal Studies requirements normally completed in the first year must be completed in subsequent semesters or during the summer and in some cases may lengthen the time it takes to graduate.

Students may be admitted on academic probation as a result of substandard academic performance. Students admitted on probation must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 during their first year of study at PCA or will otherwise be dismissed.

Admissions Decisions

The Admissions Committee will review an application once all required materials are received. Decisions are immediately mailed by post as well as sent via email. The status of the decision is also updated on the student’s personal account on our web portal. All materials submitted to the Admissions Office, including the portfolio, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. become the property of PCA and will not be returned to the applicant.

Accepted Applicants

Admitted applicants receive information about housing, tuition and fees and other important matters in the online “Welcome Packet” that can be accessed on our web portal. The Admissions Committee’s decision to admit an applicant is contingent upon successful completion of any ongoing studies and on the receipt of the final transcripts for those studies. For more information about transcripts see: Transcripts & Transfer Credits

Deferring Admissions

Students can defer their date of entry for up to one year. To defer entry, a letter requesting a new entry date describing the applicant’s plans must be sent to the Admissions Office. A non-refundable tuition deposit may be requested to guarantee space availability for a future semester.

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