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At Paris College of Art , the Student Life office works closely with the Student Council to organize a range of student activities both on campus and off. From visits to exclusive contemporary galleries to all-night costume balls and charity fundraisers, student activities blur the lines between academics and social life and city and campus.

Trip to Château de Versailles Student Life regularly organizes day trips to cultural and historical sites in and around Paris. On a recent visit to our partner institution, the Château de Versailles, students visited the castle, picnicked on the grounds, and visited a temporary exhibit dedicated to Marie Antoinette’s influence on fashion and design.

Weekend in Bruges
In addition to day trips, students have the opportunity to participate in weekend trips to destinations throughout Europe. Last fall, students traveled to Bruges for a weekend of canal rides, chocolate and beer tasting in the city’s historic center.

Thanksgiving 2011 The school’s two campuses are more than a group of classrooms: they are the center of a community for students who come to Paris to study from all over the world. Events on campus range from holiday cocktail parties to impromptu massage workshops and late night breakfasts served by the school’s dean.

Every Thanksgiving students gathers to feast on turkey, mashed potatoes, and dishes from around the world.

Halloween 2011
Twice a semester the Paris College of Art Student Council throws parties inviting students from schools throughout Paris.

After a week-long orientation, new students bond with upperclassmen at the school’s DisOrientation party.

Japan Art Benefit The Student Council at Paris College of Art collaborates with the school’s administration to raise money for charities and give back to the community through the medium of art and design. Last spring students worked with Vision du Monde to raise funds through a silent art auction for the Republic of Mali.

To initiate students to Paris’ thriving contemporary gallery scene and give them backstage access to the city’s art and design community, the Liberal Studies Department offers a one-credit course composed of excursions and guided visits to art exhibits and design workshops throughout Paris.

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