fbpx *Drawing Space*: an Interior Design Exhibition at PCA — PCA

*Drawing Space*: an Interior Design Exhibition at PCA

Drawing Space

Last month, the Interior Design department hosted an exhibition in Espace F15 coordinated by Chair of Interior Design Alix de Mercey. The exhibition, titled ‘Drawing Space’ ran from January 21-31, 2020.

‘Drawing Space’ featured a collection of hand drawings and digital illustrations from students, faculty, and staff, representing space in its broadest definition. The intention was to explore how three-dimensional space can be expressed two-dimensionally, questioning the use of architectural drawings as a powerful, conceptual and communicative tool in architecture, design and interiors, as well as a mean of expression in other creative and artistic fields. The exhibition, which demanded a lot of work to be put together, was the fruit of a collaboration with Mateo Inurria Art School’s Graphic Design department (Spain) and Lincoln Unviversity’s architecture department (UK).

The nature of the drawings, chosen media, format and scale were varied: the range of exhibited work went from sketches, to renders, to detailed line drawing, etc. Over 60 art pieces were submitted in total. The selection has been made upon existence of a specific approach to the representation of architectural space within the work, be it technical or artistic, realistic or abstract.