Karen Ralph


Adjunct Faculty

PhD, Trinity College Dublin, _Prestige, Power and Patronage: Commissioning Illuminated Manuscripts in Late Medieval Ireland, 2010 – 2013; Masters, Trinity College Dublin,  Philosophy in Irish Art History, Thesis: The Illumination of Kingship in the Book of Ballymote, 2008 – 2009; Bachelors, Trinity College Dublin, History of Art and Architecture; 2004 – 2008.

Teaching Experience
Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies Department, Paris College of Art, 2015 – present; Assistant Professor, Art History Department, New York University Paris Centre, September 2015; Assistant Professor, Art History and Fine-Arts Department, American University of Paris, 2015 – present; Assistant Professor, Art History and Architecture Department, Trinity College Dublin, 2012 – 2013;

“A Manuscript for a Lord: Reading the Illumination in the Book of Ballymote“; “Medieval Antiquarianism: The Butlers and Artistic Patronage in Fiftheenth-Century Ireland”, Eolas: The Journal for the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies.

Fondation Mémorielle de Thomas Dammann le Jeune 2013 Price; Travel Grant of the American Medieval Academy 2013; Travel Grant Trinity Foundation 2013; Travel Grant Foundation Trinity 2011.