Gabriel Wick



Architect, Lecturer at SciencePO

PhD candidate at University of London.  BA in Architectural History and urbanism (200), New York University – The Gallatin School; MA in landscape architecture (2004), University of California, Berkeley – the College of Environmental Design; MA in care & conservation of historic gardens, parks and landscapes (2009), Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles.
He received his undergraduate degree from New York University’s Gallatin School in 2000, his master’s in landscape architecture in 2004 from University of California, Berkeley and a second masters in historic landscape conservation from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles.
He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation at the University of London – Queen Mary.

Gabriel Wick is an Anglo-American landscape architect and historian based in Paris since 2006. Prior to opening his own practice which specializes in the renovation, conservation and interpretation of historic landscapes in 2009 he worked as a landscape designer and campus planner at major firms in New York and Paris.
Gabriel is currently preparing for publication an illustrate guide book which reconstitutes the landscape gardens built by the La Rochefoucauld at the château of La Roche-Guyon in the 1770s and 80s.

In addition to teaching at Paris College of Art. he is co-director of Catholic University of America’s Paris Architecture Studio, and a lecturer in Sciences Po’s urbanism programme.

His articles have been published in the Historic Gardens Review, and the Paris-based review, Les Jardins.

Research interests
Gabriel’s doctoral research examines the role that political and ideological self-representation played in the shaping of aristocratic landscape gardens in pre-Revolutionary France. His work uses 3-D computer rendering programmes as well as hand draughting to reconstitute the form and appearance of these lost domains.