Financing your Education: PCA Financial Assistance


We are here to help you figure out how to finance your education at Paris College of Art. We provide scholarships, loans, graduate teaching assistantships (for MFA candidates) and the College Assistance Program (CAP) to eligible students with financial need and/or academic merit to help pay their tuition costs.

We provide assistance to students in navigating how to obtain financial aid from other sources like Sallie Mae for US citizens, CSN for Swedish citizens, Erasmus + bank loans for Master’s Students from EU and partner countries, as well as other country’s governmental loan and scholarship programs.

PCA Financial Assistance

PCA Awards are made on the basis of three criteria: the student’s financial need, merit, and assessed commitment to their program of study at PCA. All financial assistance awards are valid for one academic year. To retain their financial assistance package, students must remain in good academic standing (a semester GPA of at least 2.5 with a full-time load of at least 12 credits, including all degree requirements).


Scholarships are awarded to students who show financial need and academic and artistic merit. These scholarships defray a portion of tuition.

Eligibility: Undergraduate, Certificate, Study Abroad, and International (Non-EU) Graduate Students.

Institutional Loans

The loan will be made during the period of your education at Paris College of Art and will not be due for payment until you have completed your Paris College of Art degree.

Loan Reduction level based on Cumulative GPA at Graduation from Paris College of Art:

  • 100% – 3.75 or better
  • 75% – 3.5 to 3.74
  • 50% – 3.0 to 3.49
  • 25% – 2.5 to 2.99
  • 0% – 2.49 and under

Eligibility: Undergraduate, Certificate, and International (Non-EU) Graduate Students.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

For select graduate students teaching assistant positions are available providing an opportunity to develop your teaching resume.

Eligibility: Students in the MFA program who have the necessary qualifications regardless of nationality.

College Assistance Program (CAP)

Students who are awarded the College Assistance Program are required to complete an assigned number of hours each semester, on campus, assisting an academic or administrative department. The hours that they complete reduce their following semester’s tuition due; if the student wishes, a portion of the award can be received as a monthly stipend.

Eligibility: Undergraduate, Certificate, Study Abroad, and International (Non-EU) Graduate Students.

Applying for Financial Assistance

Once a student has applied for admissions to Paris College of Art she/he will have access to our financial assistance application. Students are encouraged to apply for admission and financial assistance by the Priority Deadlines: February 1, for fall entry, October 1, for spring entry. For fall 2017 there are still limited funds available so get your application in ASAP.

For more information and to contact the financial department click here.

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