Paris College of Art to Host Move Cine Arte


Paris College of Art is hosting a screening of Move Cine Arte International Art Film Festival shortlisted movies.

Move Cine Arte presents films focused on all types of artistic expressions such as painting, sculpture, theater, animation, video art, photography, dance, poetry, literature, music, design, fashion, cinema, architecture.

This traveling festival is setting foot in Venice, Sao Paulo and Paris, its partners include B_arco Centro Cultural, Espaço Marieta, Itau Cultural, and the European Cultural Centre.

Founded in Brazil in 2012 and sponsored by Filmessay and Olhar Periférico, it has become a reference for cinema and art enthusiasts.

Join us on November 7 from 6:30pm:

Arash Akhgari N,
An Echoing Memory of a Tongue
1’55’’, Canada, 2017

Daniela Bornstein
A Study of a Woman
3’37, United States, 2016

Fernando Gallucci
Sleep Paralysis
13’, Argentina, 2016

Camilla Kinker
O Mar Dela
5’, Brazil, 2015

Anna Kryvenko
Tomorrow the sun was different
17’, Ukraine, 2014

Florent Schwartz
3’12, Taiwan, 2017

Vera Sebert
Monotone red-colored Gnome
7’11’’, Austria, 2016

Jesseca Ynez Simmons
Emerald Ice
16’00, United States, 2016

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