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PCA Kicks Off LowTech Lab at Saatchi Gallery


LowTechLab, London 2016, at Saatchi Gallery starts Friday, January 15th, and continues through the 17th.

PCA Master’s students in Transdisicplinary New Media along with Klaus Fruchtnis, Chair of Photography and Professor are collaborating on the project.

LowTech means technology that is cheap or free.
James Wallback, LowTech Manifest for The Next 5 Minutes conference in Amsterdam, March 1999.

LowTech applied to communications has given the possibility of having a more exhaustive control in the management of information. Klaus Fruchtnis, PCA Chair of Photography

Channels through which you can view the lab online will be:

Periscope hoeksteen @HKIBC09

PCA Schedule

Friday, January 15th (12:00 London time / 13:00 Paris time)

12:00 (UTC) Klaus Fruchtnis
“Low tech as an artistic practice”
Technology is defined in the widest sense possible – not just screen-based, digital technology, but also mechanical, chemical, auditory, experiential technologies – since the hybridization of “low tech” and “high tech” often produce powerful emotional experiences – familiar yet awe-inspiring at the same time.

12:20 (UTC) Helga Jakobson
“Death of a Plant”
With a small potted plant on a pedestal, wired up to a computer which is outputting to a projector which slowly begins to illuminate with fireworks.

12:30 (UTC) Max Franklin (Sanet Stegmann)
“Silent Statement”
The information age has brought about societal, technological, scientific and environmental changes which has led to the democratization of communication and information gathering. People are able to publicly share information globally almost instantly and without the need for specialized technologies or training.

12:40 (UTC) Andrew Vox
“360 degree Pinhole”

12:50 (UTC) Claire Leggett (Basma Seif & Jackie Fei)
“Space for Augmenting Imaginations”
Play as children no matter what age you are. The tent is important as it is important to have a space to evoke play and creativity for society to lower stress and increase innovation.

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