Drawing Humans

Dates: June 17, 2019 — June 28, 2019

Drawing Humans

Level: Pre-College, Undergraduate

“Drawing Humans” will focus on the human body as a subject. The expressive means of drawing is considered to be both the body we see – the model – and the body that draws: the artist. You will build your skills as well as discover your expressive means which a variety of mediums will encourage. Traditional and non-traditional assignments will help you orient your observation and structure your work, This intensive course of many hours of drawing from the model followed by critical discussions offers a unique time to focus on this subject, expand skills, and deepen understanding. The discussions will help you learn a vocabulary for, and thematic repertoire of pictorial art in general and figure drawing specifically. Anatomy (work from a skeleton) will also be integrated.

Sketching excursions in Paris, and working in museums will be proposed. Slide lectures providing a look at the vast history of the representation of the human form will cover human’s earliest recorded visual expression to the recent return to contemporary figurative painting. Both male and female models will be used for studio sessions.

Work in Parks, in the urban environment and in Museums, including the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay,  Musée de l’Orangerie, Musée Rodin, and others. Seeing how the human form was expressed at various periods will add both an art historical dimension to the course and provide a rich formal playing field from which to work. At Musée d’Orsay both Modernist and Academic works will be studied. Outside, the beautiful parks and rich urban environment will provide alternate subject matters as well as a change from the studio. This is also a great chance to apply skills to drawing from people in public as well as figurative sculpture using dry and wet mediums including ink wash and watercolor.

Pre-requisite: Students who have some familiarity with drawing will likely profit more from the class.

Tuition Fee
Non Credit | 1,650 €     Credit | 2,200 €

Peter O'Brien

Peter O'Brien


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