Paris Fashion Culture

Paris Fashion Culture

Dates: July 1, 2019 — July 12, 2019

Paris Fashion Culture

Level: Pre-College, Undergraduate, Graduate, & Young Professionals

The city of Paris has been seen as the international capital of style and fashion for the last three centuries. Although currently challenged by other fashion poles like Milan, London, New York, and Tokyo, Paris maintains a special flare in the collective eye and holds a legendary status as the hallmark of style, notable for being the only city to stage a Haute Couture week.

This course aims at reading the city of Paris through the lens of fashion culture and exploring the key elements that gave the city its status in the industry. Through lectures, sight visits (boutiques, department stores, streets…), museum visits, guest talks and practical workshops this course will immerse the student in the staples that are synonymous with Parisian fashion.

You will learn about the key moments in modern French fashion, as well as retail space & the boutique, perfume culture, the codes of a fashion house, Haute Couture and representation in the media among other things.

The main practical focus of the course is based on visual story telling and narrative construction where you will develop a subjective and personal voice on Paris by creating and curating a blog, Instagram page, art boards, and an optical printed zine.

Tuition Fee
Non Credit | 1,650 €     Credit | 2,200 €

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