PCA x BTK : Transdisciplinary New Media students travel to Germany


2019-2020 Transdisciplinary New Media students travel to Berlin to develop a project in collaboration with the Master in Media Spaces of the University of Applied Sciences Europe, accompanied by program director Klaus Fruchtnis and faculty Filipa Cruz.

Wanderlust is a collaborative project conceived to be an opportunity to experiment with space through the richness of Berlin and Paris, as well as the virtual space as a location to wander. Through the question in which way can new media help to establish our relationship to space?, one rethinks and reinvents the possibilities of reflection, creation, and intervention through new media before the importance, the constraints, and the persistence of walking in the world.

The project consists of thinking about the potentialities of new media practices nowadays. This collaboration aims to bring together graduate students from both universities to develop a collaborative and interdisciplinary project. Through a shared creative process, students will challenge their understanding of different tools and methods, developing hybrid systems and multidisciplinary solutions. PCA students will travel to Berlin in October 2019 and will host the UE students in Paris in November to present the ongoing collaborative process.

PCA is happy to launch this first partnership with the University of Applied Sciences Europe. The program is led by the Vice-Rector for International and Academic Development (UE), Thomas Noller, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (PCA), Klaus Fruchtnis, and faculties Kika Yang and Filipa Cruz.