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Visit to Le Corbusier's Villa de la Roche


Last Thursday, Laurent Masmonteil’s Interior Design class took a field trip to one of Le Corbusier’s famous houses, the Villa la Roche.Located in the 16th arrondisement of Paris at the end of a quaint alley, there are two houses that make up the complex, one designed for a single art collector, and the other for Le Corbusier’s family.

We were only able to view the art collector’s home, as the other building houses offices and the archives of the plans and documents the famous architect made throughout his life. Le Corbusier is known for being one of the most influential architects of the modern architecture movement. His architectural designs and theories are still highly regarded and studied and, nearly a century later, remain innovative.

Seeing his design up close and in person, we were able to observe Le Corbusier’s truly ingenious design concepts. Everything was organized and placed to maximize every inch of space within the house. Each room, doorway, window, and tiny detail was designed based on the proportions of the human body and utilized the least possible amount of space.

It really was magnificent to see such an architectural role model, and even more impressive knowing that such modernity came into being in the early 1920s.

Gabriella Rochin, PCA Class of ’18

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