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Chloe Quenum


Adjunct Faculty


Chloe Quenum graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2011 with unanimous jury congratulations. She pursued her education at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in 2016 where she studied Anthropology of Writing.


Visual Arts at Ecole Supérieure d’art de design, Tours, France (Feb 2020 – Nov 2022)
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France (2022 – 2023), where she will give a workshop in 2024.


Since 2012 personal exhibitions dedicated to her work have regularly been held, most recently “Wonder Wander”, Galerie Florence Loewy, Paris (2023); “Overseas”, Les Bains-Douches, Alençon (2020); “Le Sceau de Salomon”, The Egine Room, Massey University, Wellington, New-Zeland (2018). She has been invited to take part in numerous collective exhibitions since 2009, lately “Sarah Maldoro: Cinéma Tricontinental”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2021): “Diaspora at Home”, CCA, Lagos, Nigeria (2019) and Sodertali konsthall, Sodertalie, Sweden (2020).

A recipient of the program Mondes Nouveaux supported by the Ministère de la Culture, Chloé Quenum realized the immersive installation Épopée, which was exhibited at the Hôtel de Ragueneau in Bordeaux during summer 2023.

She has been selected to represent the Benin Pavilion at the 60th Venice Biennale in 2024 alongside artists Ishola Akpo, Moufouli Bello et Romuald Hazoumè, curated by Azu Nwagbogu.

Awards / Prizes

Resident fellow of the Hermès Foundation program Résidences d’artistes in 2019, during
which she was welcomed to the Manufacture de la Cristallerie Saint-Louis where she worked
in an inclusive format to highlight the role and craftmanship of each glassmaker.

Professional Experiences / Clients

Chloé Quenum’s work addresses questions of visibility, mixed-race and transmission through the prism of anthropological and historical research. The strategies she uses by moving, transforming and re-shaping forms and mundane objects allow her to interrogate the idea of displacement and feeling of belonging. She questions the effect a shift in context produces
and thus her artworks’ capacity to generate new stories.