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Student Success

At PCA, we offer personalized academic advising tailored to your unique college and career aspirations.

No two students’ journeys are the same, and our one-on-one approach reflects that. While you ultimately hold the reins of your academic and personal success, our dedicated support team is here to walk alongside you every step of the way. From the Provost to the Director of Student Success and Registrar to your Department Chair, we actively work together to ensure you have the resources and support you need to flourish at PCA and achieve your degree. 

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Alana Manga

Director of Student Success and Registrar

I have been told that my title “Director of Student Success” sounds hopeful, and I think that it is. I advocate for students to complete their degrees and certificates by providing the humanistic encouragement that leads to success at Paris College of Art. My methods to ensure success are both direct, and indirect, for example, tracking each PCA student through their curricular sequence, ensuring that courses are completed in the proper order, collaborating with department chairs to evolve academic advising practice at PCA, engaging with interdepartmental workgroups to resolve emergent student needs, and teaching students the psychosocial techniques to maximize individual learning and resiliency.


Michael Meere, PhD

Provost & Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Fostering student success is at the heart of my mission at Paris College of Art. As Provost, I work closely with the faculty and staff to create a dynamic, equitable, and inclusive learning ecosystem that balances the development of technical expertise, critical thinking seminars that hone students’ analytical and problem-solving abilities, and cross-disciplinary exploration in the fields of art and design. PCA’s esteemed faculty, recognized leaders in their respective fields, offer personalized mentorship, ensuring each student receives tailored guidance for artistic growth. Recognizing the importance of practical experience, we actively connect students with professional opportunities through internships, industry partnerships, and portfolio development workshops. This holistic approach equips our graduates with a robust foundation in art and design, complemented by the necessary skills and professional connections to confidently navigate the competitive landscape of the creative industries.

Academic Support Services

Academic Advising

The Registrar maintains an active program in Student Advising and guides students in progressing towards degree completion and achieving their educational and personal goals. Current students should schedule advising appointments with their Department Chair, who along with the Registrar maintains comprehensive records of all student progress. 

Research and Writing Lab

The Research and Writing Lab is available for students who wish to improve their research and writing skills. The lab offers intensive and individualized tutorials with a Liberal Studies faculty member that address both specific challenges in current course assignments and general issues in research work.

Peer Software Training

Master’s students with proficiency in software like the Adobe Suite, Sketchup/AutoCAD, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript are invited to pitch a Digital Workshop topic to teach as part of their CAP scholarship. All students, regardless of program or major, are invited to attend. These workshops enable fellow students to learn new skills or improve existing ones, at their own pace within a supportive small group setting.

Adaptations for Students with Learning Disabilities

At PCA, we strive to cultivate an academic community that actively embraces diversity, fosters equity, and promotes inclusivity. Our commitment extends to concrete actions that support neurodiversity in the classroom. Students who have a documented disability can work with the Director of Student Success to better accommodate their specific educational needs.

French Tutoring

Whether you aim to enhance your spoken or written language skills, our free one-on-one French tutoring service offers invaluable support outside of our regular French classes. Not only will a proficiency in conversational French enhance your experience living in Paris, but these language skills can also significantly broaden your internship and career prospects. To schedule a tutoring session, please reach out to us at [email protected].