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PCA Talks

Our speaker series, PCA Talks, presents a unique opportunity to engage with established artists and designers to learn about their creative processes and professional journeys. Following each presentation, a dedicated question-and-answer session allows attendees to ask their most pressing questions in an intimate small group setting.

With PCA Talks, we aim to create a forum for those in the English-speaking art and design community to exchange ideas and diverse perspectives. Held on campus, the talks are open to the school community and the public. We encourage students to attend these sessions, even those outside their specific area of study, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected world of creative professions. Please see the News feed below for information on upcoming talks.

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“I went to photography, film, and design talks to learn as much as I could from people who are already successful in their creative industry! It feels like a peek behind the curtain.”

Meredith Chadwick, BFA Communication Design ’22


About Design Week

Every spring, the PCA community rallies for a dynamic week-long event called About Design. This platform serves as a launchpad for discussions on leveraging design as a force for positive change. 

The week is brimming with engaging talks and workshops led by professionals in the fields of Communication Design, Design for Social Impact, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Photography. Students, alumni, faculty and staff, and the general public are all welcome to participate in this enriching experience. 

To close out the event, PCA’s design programs showcase work created in workshops thorughout the week in a culminating exhibition held in the school’s gallery.