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Facilities on Campus

Our campus features state-of-the-art facilities that are freely accessible to all students, regardless of their program.

To ensure safe and responsible access, inductions and safety training for various labs are conducted in the first weeks of each semester. Students only need to attend a session once per lab they plan to use throughout their studies at PCA. CAP students are also on hand during open studio hours to provide technical assistance.

Along with our well-equipped labs, students can request access to the full Adobe Creative Suite to be loaded onto their personal laptops. Please see below for a comprehensive overview of our facilities, including exciting new additions as part of our new campus in the 17th arrondissement.


3D Studio 16x9 facilities

3D Lab

Students experiment with 3D materials in our studio equipped for woodworking, plaster molding, metal sculpting, and more.

Ceramics studio 16x9

Ceramics Studio

Our Ceramics Studio offers a comprehensive range of tools for hand building, wheel throwing, glaze application, and kiln firing.

Printmaking studio 16x9

Printmaking Studio

A fully equipped studio for silkscreen printing, lithography, hand-lettering, tataki-zomé, and other printmaking techniques.

Darkroom 16x9


Our darkroom has everything you need to transform your 35mm film into black and white prints. Simply bring your film and photo paper of choice.

Digital Photography Lab 16x9

Digital Photography Lab

Features a state-of-the-art Epson printer for large-scale signage, banners, and all photo sizes, along with various paper options and color-calibrated iMacs for precise editing. The lab also includes a secondary photo printer, trimming tools, and high-resolution film scanners.

Photo Studio 241

Photography & Film Studio

Features professional lighting, colored gels, seamless backdrops, and more to support all types of photography and filmmaking.

Screening Room 241

Screening Room

State-of-the-art professional cinematic experience which seats 48 people.

Recording Booth 241

Recording Booths

Booths for professional sound production, voiceover, or music making.

film photo equipment hub 16x9

Film & Photography Equipment Hub

Extensive collection of camera bodies, lenses, lighting and sound equipment that all students are welcome to check out. Specialty film equipment is also stored here, like the Arri Alexi cameras, which are reserved for Film Art students.

laser-cutter-fab-lab 16x9

Laser Cutter

High precision, non-contact tool for complex cuts on any number of 2D materials including plastic, wood, paper, and metal.


3D Printers

Our 3D printers fabricate detailed objects layer by layer from digital plans with exceptional precision. Highly versatile, they produce prototypes, functional parts, and artistic sculptures using various materials such as plastics, metals, ceramics, and biomaterials.

cutting-plotter 16x9

Vinyl Cutting Plotter

Precisely cuts a variety of shapes on vinyl to create labels, stickers, and decals.

PCA Fashion Studio

Fashion Studio

This versatile studio features rolls of fabric, dress forms, industrial sewing machines, and all necessary materials to turn your sketches into wearable designs.

Riso printing chart 16x9

Riso Printer

This ‘digital screen printing’ tool makes a stencil of your artwork in the ink color of choice to produce vibrant prints at a high volume. Excellent for zines, posters, and other graphic arts.

Resource library 16x9

Resource Library

The library space is a comfy place to relax and explore PCA’s collection of art and design books in English, as well as a copy of senior theses from graduated students. Up to four books can be borrowed at any given time for a two-week period. Our full catalogue is available in the library upon request.