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Why study at Paris College of Art?

PCA distinguishes itself through its unique philosophy of art and design education. Immerse yourself in this approach under the guidance of professional artists, experience personalized learning within collaborative studio classes, and leverage the advantages of a multidisciplinary curriculum. This distinctive approach prepares you to be a globally aware, engaged, and open-minded citizen with the critical thinking and creative skills required to tackle complex problems.

BFA Fashion Design Field Trip Finland 2023

Faculty & Industry Connections

At Paris College of Art, your education is led by the very people shaping the future of art and design. Our faculty aren’t just professors; they’re active practitioners, exhibiting artists, and award-winning designers who bring their expertise directly into the classroom. This, coupled with opportunities to participate in major creative events in Paris, will immerse you in the industry before you even graduate.

Fresh Perspectives & Cutting-Edge Curriculum 

Our interdisciplinary curriculum reflects industry trends to prepare students for fast-paced creative fields. We also incorporate unique insights from our faculty to bring students a modern and up-to-date set of courses. Besides the core courses that students will take in their Foundation year and in their chosen degree program at the undergraduate level, or in their specific graduate degree program, PCA encourages students to explore cross-disciplinary connections by offering numerous studio and classroom elective courses. For instance, a student pursuing a BFA degree in Interior Design could also take an elective on global design, while a student completing an MFA in Transdisciplinary New Media might choose to enroll in an elective that interrogates the queer image in contemporary photography and image-making. These electives, in concert with their degree requirements, will allow students to broaden their creative interests and to stay current in today’s marketplace for art and design.

First-Hand Industry Access & Field Trips

Art history and liberal studies courses incorporate walking tours, visits to local galleries and museums, while departmental classes offer access to renowned events like Fashion Week, Drawing Now, Paris Photo, and Art Paris. These visits present invaluable opportunities to network with curators, buyers, artists, and designers. Students can also secure internships at these events for career experience and to make professional connections. Furthermore, many programs integrate international field trips into the curriculum. For example, MA/MFA in Drawing students explore drawing exhibitions in Brussels, while MA in Fashion Film and Photography students take their skills to Milan to shoot in another major European fashion capital.

Watch > PCA Master’s in Fashion Film & Photography students visit Milan.

Recent Faculty Exhibitions

Lucrezia Russo New New exhibition

Lucrezia Russo, Department Chair of Communication Design

Lucrezia recently presented her work A New*New* Program for Graphic Design: Access, Community, Free, as part of her research developed during her Masters in Transdisciplinary New Media.

laurent pernot je-me-souviens

Laurent Pernot, Photography Department Adjunct Faculty

Je me souviens (I remember), a work by Laurent Pernot, was presented at the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud as part of the artistic program of the Ministry of Culture “Mondes nouveaux”.


Honi Ryan, Graduate Photography Department Adjunct Faculty

Honi Ryan exhibits in ‘Creative Paths’, which explores the relationship between art and movement, and examines how ‘walking’ is a determining factor in the creative process.

SAUT Raphael Riviere documentary

Raphaël Rivière, Film Department Adjunct Faculty

PCA’s Raphaël Rivière directed a documentary “Le Centre” that has appeared on French Television. This documentary follows the daily life at the football academy of As Saint-Etienne, one of the most iconic football teams in France.


Personalized Learning & Mentorship

With small class sizes and dedicated faculty, you’ll receive personalized attention and mentorship tailored to your individual goals and interests. Your professors are your advisors, collaborators, and champions of your success.

Close Working Relationships

Small class sizes, averaging under 10 students, enable you to develop close working relationships with your professorsThis allows them to provide personalized attention, tailored feedback on your projects, and create a dynamic and engaging learning environment where everyone actively participates. Your professors act as mentors, facilitating your artistic growth.

Studio-Immersed Education 

You’ll learn through hands-on experience under expert guidance, with approximately 65% of your time dedicated to the studio. This emphasis on studio time cultivates your distinctive artistic voice through consistent engagement with your craft. Moreover, it nurtures a high level of competency with the tools of your industry and provides ample time to develop your own techniques for creative problem-solving.

Tailored Skill Development 

There are many opportunities for specialization even within your program, as many assignments can be tailored to your industry niche interest. In studio classes, work with your professors to adapt your chosen project solutions to meet your personal skill goals and further your academic interests.

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Collaboration & Multidisciplinary Exploration

Break free from the limitations of a single discipline. At PCA, your artistic journey extends beyond your chosen program. Our multidisciplinary environment encourages you to collaborate with students from photography, fashion design, fine arts, and more. This cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives will equip you with a uniquely hirable skillset and broaden your artistic horizon, preparing you for a creative career that knows no bounds.

Community, Not Competition

Hone your ability to work effectively in teams through collaborative projects that simulate real-world scenarios. Alongside your peers, you’ll learn to build off one another’s ideas and craft joint creative decisions – a cornerstone of any successful creative career. Regular peer critiques, fueled by open dialogue, will not only push your creative boundaries but also forge strong connections with classmates. This community-driven approach transcends the traditional competitive college landscape, shaping well-rounded creative professionals who excel in collaborative settings.

Access to Industry-Standard Resources

PCA equips you with industry-standard tools across all programs, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and empowering you to become a versatile artist or designer. This includes access to a 3D printer, laser cutter, darkroom, digital photography studio, the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite, and more (see Facilities on Campus for a complete list). Our goal is for students to use our facilities to realize big ideas and experiment across disciplines.

Breaking Boundaries 

You’ll engage in projects and workshops alongside peers from diverse artistic backgrounds. This collaboration cultivates an exchange of ideas, challenges perspectives, and sparks innovation. We encourage you to collaborate with students from different programs, reflecting the team dynamics of real-world creative projects. This interdisciplinary approach equips you to navigate the multifaceted landscape of the contemporary art and design realm.

Explore Our Programs


PCA offers Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in Communication Design; Fashion Design; Fine Arts; Interior Design and Photography.



PCA offers Master Degrees in Design for Social Impact (MA), Drawing (MA/MFA), Fashion Film & Photography (MA), Interior Design (MA), Photography & Image-making (MA/MFA) and Transdisciplinary New Media (MA and MFA).


Study Abroad at PCA

Study Abroad at PCA is an extraordinary program for college sophomores and juniors, or those with undergraduate degrees who wish to spend a semester or year experiencing the art, design, and culture of Paris.


PCA Students Abroad

Students enrolled in the full-time Bachelor’s Degree programs at Paris College of Art have the possibility to study abroad during their junior year at one of PCA’s partner schools.


Certificate Programs

Ideally suited for the mature student, the intensive curriculum of PCA’s Certificate Programs offer a non-degree option for those who wish to launch a career transition, refine a professional level design portfolio, or prepare for entering an MFA program.


Summer at PCA

The Summer Program at PCA offers an exciting set of courses with a modern edge in the historically and artistically rich city of Paris. In these two and four-week long courses, introductory through advanced level students will explore art, design, business, culture, and language.


Part-Time & Online Courses

Qualified students may enroll in individual, credited courses on a space-available basis.