fbpx Film Director and PCA Faculty Raphaël Rivière’s documentary “Le Centre” on French Television — PCA

Film Director and PCA Faculty Raphaël Rivière's documentary "Le Centre" on French Television

Half-time of a game

This documentary follows, over the course of one year, the daily life at the football academy of As Saint-Etienne, one of the most iconic football team in France. Surrounded by the club’s coaches and employees, these teenagers from diverse sociological and geographical backgrounds, often far from their families, receive a sports and academic education, and must follow the rules of community life. Through the daily observation of the work of the coaches, players and all the employees of this institution, the film endeavors to show the human relations, to detect the paradoxes of this place whose concern for efficiency and profitability is in contradiction with its educational mission, as well as with the social and working-class identity of the city which it represents.

The documentary, in French, is available on Public Sénat