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Class of ’14 Johannes Boehl’s ioannes F/W '18 Show 'Orlando' at Palais de Tokyo


Following last year’s installation at Palais de Tokyo, Class of ’14 Johannes Boehl Cronau, takes on his first fashion show of his brand ioannes titled ‘Orlando’.

Johannes graduated from PCA with a BFA in Fashion Design, and completed an MA in Womenswear Design at Central Saint Martins.

In 2017, Johannes was invited to curate an installation at Palais de Tokyo titled ‘A thing to wear’: clothes transcended into a collection through words such as intuition, insight exploration. The brand of ioannes was first introduced to the fashion world explaining his collection as “…an ever changing body of work; one who’s oevure is shaped by a timeless narrative and intuitive approach.”

His most recent collection ‘Orlando’ was showcased at Palais de Tokyo during Paris Fashion Week, where behind-the-scene elements of the fashion world was exhibited through an all-day performance. While museum visitors wander around the space, the photoshoot of the lookbook took place followed by the preparation of the fashion show.


Johannes’ collection was “…devoloped on the idea that his ideal woman collects garments especially important to her character, each of which add to her different layers of identity.”

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