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Exhibition Spaces on Campus

As a student at PCA, you’ll learn the art of professionally installing your work in gallery spaces.

Throughout your education, you’ll play an active role in enhancing the dynamic campus atmosphere by exhibiting your work across various campus locations. Whether you’re contributing to a rotating showcase in our on-site gallery, Espace 15, or collaborating on department-wide projects that transform our window display, your creativity will leave a tangible mark on the campus environment. 

Planning to showcase your work in an upcoming Paris exhibition? Inform Student Life, and we’ll gladly spotlight your achievements by promoting your event across campus channels, celebrating your artistic successes.

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Espace 15

Upon entering PCA, you’ll encounter Espace 15 on the ground floor. This versatile space hosts rotating exhibitions showcasing student work from various programs. Additionally, the gallery transforms into a stage for part of our annual End of the Year Show, where design students proudly present their final projects from the academic year.

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8 rue Rocroy

Around the corner from PCA’s main entrance, a large window display on Rue Rocroy serves as a public platform for students to exhibit their work.