fbpx BFA Photography student Emma Wright presents new exhibition — PCA

"With a Careless Manner," an exhibition by Emma Wright, BFA Photography

IImage credits: Ollie Jones

In June 2024, we caught up with Emma Wright, one of our students in the BFA Photography program. She recently presented her first exhibition, “With A Careless Manner,” a project which she developed with PCA last semester in Jersey, a small island nestled between France and the UK.

When asked about the reason why she chose this location to showcase her work, Emma mentions “the great sense of community” that prevails. Le Pelley, the gallery space which displayed her photography “is primarily used to show clients different types of stone for their homes, as the company are stone masons – and it was a perfect fit for an exhibition.”

And how does PCA fit into her artistic journey?

“My project started in January in my seminar class, and I developed it further throughout the semester. I aimed to create visually striking images of young men and their energy, either through action shots or posing. This is my first major project and to see it presented in such a professional way was very meaningful to me, and people from across the island gathered to view and support me. Being at PCA has taught me how to critically think about my intentions as a photographer and what meaning I would like to evoke when putting together a project. I have learnt a lot about making a project as a whole; the presentation, the writing, the people I meet along the way and to take into consideration the viewers emotions towards a project.”

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