fbpx Foundation MANIFESTO Workshop — PCA

Foundation MANIFESTO Workshop



with Alex Balgiu, designer and instructor in the Communication Design Department / Chris Roberts, artist and Head of Foundation at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts / Chloe Briggs, artist and Head of Foundation, Paris College of Art.

10AM – 7PM

A group of students, instructors, and guests have been invited by Chloe Briggs (Chair of Foundation at PCA) to take part in a workshop to create manifestos for the Foundation course in art and design in one day.

The Foundation is a year of intense learning and discovery and this workshop is an opportunity for participants to put into words/graphics/visuals the importance of what happens in this time.

The day starts with short introductions and discussions about the nature and potential of a manifesto.

Chloe Briggs
Why I had the idea for this workshop.  Why I think the Foundation Course is important historically, today and in the future.

Chris Roberts
An introduction to manifestos

Alex Balgiu
The design and  writing of manifestos. How to start.

Participants will create large-scale, experimental work that will be on display throughout the day.
Visitors to Open House are welcome to take part.