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Souvenirs: A PCA Study Abroad Collective Show


Paris College of Art is a mini-hub of culture, art, and diversity for study abroad students traveling from all corners of the globe. Study abroad students spend 1 or 2 semesters at PCA, while enjoying all that Paris’ historic and enriching city has to offer from its multitude of contemporary and historic museums to its universal reputation for the culinary arts.

Considering this, the study abroad curriculum includes courses that encourage students to broaden their cultural mindset and implement their findings into their work. With these courses, students are fully immersed into the Parisian culture and integrate their new adventures into their academic endeavours.

In addition to these courses, in collaboration with Parisian art galleries, study abroad students host a gallery show in the fall and spring semester. The students collectively organize each aspect of the exhibition from communication materials including press release, artist brochures, and posters, to selecting and editing artwork as a group.

This fall, the theme is “Souvenirs”.

The origin of the word “souvenir” is derived from French and Latin roots. In English, it is a noun, while the French language utilizes it as a verb, meaning “to remember”. Traveling to a new place can sometimes cause expats to feel a strange mix of nostalgia and displacement combined with the wonder of exploration. We take souvenirs from our homes to new places and we buy souvenirs to take back to the places we come from. Souvenirs can range from small trinkets to grandiose memorials, but they all serve as subjective time machines.

Come and see artwork our study abroad students have created from their interpolations of “souvenirs”, while enjoying free refreshments and conversation.

This event is free but do sign up on Facebook!

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