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Most Parisians embrace a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle, opting for walking, cycling, or the city’s robust public transportation system to navigate their daily lives.

While walking might offer a better view, Paris’ extensive public transportation network, including the metro, RER regional trains, buses, and trams, efficiently connects riders to all corners of the city and its surrounding areas.

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Find Your Route

Mobile apps like Citymapper and RATP are excellent resources for navigating the city’s seemingly endless transportation options, not only mapping the fastest routes but also providing real-time updates on schedules and disruptions. Checking these apps before heading out becomes a valuable habit, especially considering Paris’ occasional (but unavoidable) transportation strikes – bienvenue à la France!

When choosing your Parisian housing, remember to factor in your commute to PCA. Our new campus is located at 239-241 Bd Pereire, 75017 Paris, with the closest transit station being Neuilly – Porte Maillot. This station serves both the RER C and Metro Line 1.

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Image by Yannic Eicher, BFA Photography

One significant perk for students under 26 residing in the Ile-de-France region is the Imagine R transportation pass. Like the traditional Navigo pass, it offers unlimited travel across Paris’ public transportation system but at a significant discount. For students that regularly take public transportation to get to PCA, this could be a cost-effective and convenient option. For now, don’t worry about purchasing a pass! During Orientation Week, our Student Life team will guide new students through obtaining a Navigo or Imagine R pass.

Transportation Guides

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julian-dik-Be99QIIBIeM-unsplash Paris metro

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Day trips from Paris offer an enriching journey into the heart of French artistry and culture.