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Sustainability, Equity & Inclusion

Our students explore the intersectionality of art and design and social and environmental responsibility.


We believe creativity thrives when it tackles real-world challenges. That’s why we empower our artists and designers to become change-makers, leading the charge towards a more sustainable future. Our students are challenged to become mindful creators, critically assessing the environmental impact of their projects and developing innovative solutions to mitigate these impacts. This focus on responsible making extends into many design students’ thesis research as they explore the intricate connection between design and our environment.

Additionally, PCA maintains a partnership with La Réserve des Arts, a non-profit organization specializing in the sale of reused materials, to ensure that our students have access to sustainably sourced materials. By embedding sustainable practices into both our curriculum and material sourcing, we equip our students with the tools needed to leverage their creativity for meaningful environmental change.

Inclusion & Equity

Simultaneously, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every member feels valued, respected, and treated fairly. We seek to incorporate diverse perspectives into our curriculum that not only acknowledge but value the contributions of different communities and cultures. We uphold equal opportunity in education and employment, prohibiting discrimination and harassment based on various characteristics protected under the law. With this in mind, we recognize that our campus climate is a continuous work in progress, relying on the active participation of all members.

While this process may involve challenging discussions and realizations, striving towards genuine inclusivity strengthens us individually and collectively, enabling us to advocate for equity and equality not only within our community but also in our creative work. We strive to be mindful of fair labor practices, social and racial justice, and inclusivity in all stages of making. Equity is demonstrated not only in our values and in conversation but in the tangible outcomes of our students’ projects and the topics they choose to explore.

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