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MDES talks about how to reduce Digital Waste

Carbon footprint
Illustration by Segyo Oh

Whether you consider yourself environmentally conscious or not, you have certainly heard of environmental sustainability. This term refers to the practices of using natural resources in a way that will be better for the environment in the long-run.

When we talk about environmental sustainability, often the first thing that comes to mind is plastic pollution and its impact on the planet. Yet, we are polluting every day in ways without even realizing… by this, we are referring to digital waste!

Digital waste is the CO2 produced from indirect or direct usage from any electronic device. That’s right, I’m polluting by writing this article, and you are contaminating the environment by reading this article. When we use our electronic devices, our information is kept in data centers that use lots of energy. This generates vast amounts of CO2 every day, accumulating exponentially in the atmosphere.

But, don’t worry, we understand that managing your digital waste sounds overwhelming and nearly impossible, and that’s why we created the Digital Detox Handbook. In this handy guide, you will find a 7-day detox plan that will take only 20-30 minutes per day. By the end of the week you will have made positive steps to reducing your CO2 footprint.

With this handbook, we wanted to create awareness about this issue and help everyone to take the first steps in changing their practices and reduce their digital carbon footprint!