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MDES blog: Generating impact from home!

Digital sustainability post
Design by Janani Iyer

Hello everyone! We are about to start week number six of confinement. Now, I’m used to the lockdown, I have developed a daily routine – and even a weekend routine. I can’t complain too much, in my home I have plenty of room and a lot of nature to see around. Still, I was a little bit sad to find out that we are ending this semester online. There won’t be any physical graduation ceremony, at least not for a while… but well, that’s life at least for some months.

I’ve been very busy with my final project, classes, and some volunteering online, which has made my days go by really quickly. I’m particularly excited about my final project coming together.  I have already made the logo and the first draft. Just so you know, I’m designing a web page to introduce women in Colima, Mexico, to resources and institutions fighting against violence towards women. My project is creating interest among my friends and some small institutions fighting against gender violence, which has made me really happy. I’m excited about the impact that this project could possibly have soon.

At the same time, in my volunteer job, we are designing a communication campaign to create awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the times of COVID-19. This is important to prevent a lot of other social, health, and environmental issues that might occur if we don’t implement the SDG.

Segyo, Janani, and I are continuing our d-waste (Digital waste) awareness campaign through an Instagram account! It has been a bit challenging for me to keep up with the time zone differences, but I’m glad to continue bringing impact with this fantastic team. You can check out the origins of our project here: https://www.paris.edu/mdes-talks-about-how-to-reduce-digital-waste/ and our Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/digitalsustainability/

Anyways, that has been my life for these last two weeks. It has been a busy time. However, I still managed to find some time to cook my favorite dessert for my family: apple pie! And that was probably the highlight of my week.