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MA Design for Social Impact Presents: Cool Startups to Inspire You

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Partnering with MakeSense has brought knowledge in many of the steps of becoming a social entrepreneur but also in how all the startups have had to go through different journeys in order to become a successful business.

MakeSense accompanies the founders of startups as they brainstorm, research and finally come up with the end product or service.

The startups that we want to share with you may come from different backgrounds and be in different fields, but they all share a vision of creating something new and impactful!

You can discover them below:

Ciné Chita

They offer the unique opportunity to watch your favorite movies through a completely new immersive experience. Thanks to the use of new technologies, you can become an active part of fictional universes.

The trust society

A company that produces and sell everyday products, all made locally in France and with a zero-waste, zero-plastic and zero-carbon production. Check out also their Instagram.

La cloche

A non-profit organization that aims to create and maintain the social bond between homeless and homeless neighbors. Learn about their mission and ways to get involve during this time. Check out also their Instagram.

Colette Club

A startup that helps students & young workers to find accommodation with hosts who have a room to rent.
As they call it, Cohabitation between generations. If you know of anyone needing a place to stay and have company, check them out. Check out also their Instagram.


Featured in ACD News, Igloo provides shelter and protection to homeless people in Europe. Learn more about how the product works and how you can help out also on their Facebook page.

We can doo

A platform that aims to share the knowledge of craftsmen and women around France. More than 1000 workshops you can do at home. Check out also their Instagram.

Hope you find them as amazing as we do!

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