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Clubs & Committees

PCA promotes an active student life on campus by encouraging and supporting a range of clubs and committees initiated by students, faculty, and staff.

These groups offer like-minded individuals a space to connect, share passions, and learn from each other, fostering a collaborative and supportive school environment. Do you have an interest you’d like to share? We’re always open to students proposing new clubs and committees that enrich our community further.

Discover PCA's Clubs and Committees

Student Council

The Student Council serves as a vital component of school life, offering students a platform to make their voices heard on school affairs. Prior experience in student government isn’t a prerequisite; your unique perspective as a student qualifies you to speak for your peers’ concerns. Members regularly engage in dialogue with school administration, acting as a bridge to address these concerns and collaboratively implement meaningful improvements.

Additionally, the Student Council partners with the Student Life Office to plan extracurricular events like holiday parties and social nights.

If you want to join, get involved, or speak to them, email [email protected].

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to promote an inclusive environment on campus, and to address issues of equity within the PCA community.

To carry out this mission, the Committee acts as a dedicated safe space where members can express their concerns openly and honestly through nonviolent communication. The reflections of the members serve to educate the wider community and bring about important reflection and change. The committee is made up of students, faculty, and staff who meet regularly to organize panels, roundtables, workshops, art projects, performances, and other forums and events to discuss issues related to equity, access, and social justice at PCA and beyond.

For more information, or if you’d like to join, please email: [email protected].

PCA Cooks Halloween spread

PCA Cooks

PCA Cooks is a student-run organization for the Paris College of Art community for recipes, how-to’s, and generally just really good food.

For tips on easy meals, cooking shortcuts, and budget friendly restaurants, follow their Instagram account @pcacooks.

Committees Policy

How can I start a new committee?

In order to start a new committee, a petition has to be submitted to the President for review.

The President consults with relevant parties within the institution, compares the goals of the proposed new committee to existing committees, and considers the potential positive impact given the requested budget.

If a committee is approved it will have a space on the ’Support Services’ section of the Mon Paris portal and thus make its meeting minutes and action points available to any member of the PCA community.

If you want to make a request for a committee, you can email our President Linda Jarvin at [email protected]

What are the conditions?

A committee must be comprised of 3 to 7 members, with at least one representative from each constituency (faculty, staff, student).

The initial members are nominated by the petitioner, and starting in the second year, membership is opened up to the entire PCA community and positions are filled through elections.

In addition to elected members there may be ex officio (non-voting) members who by their role within PCA are relevant to the Committees objectives.

The committee makes decisions by majority vote. The petitioner(s) request an initial budget and, if the committee is approved, will then join the regular fiscal year budgeting cycle.

How to make a petition?

In the initial petition to create a Committee the following elements should be addressed:

  • Name, position and department of petitioner(s)
  • Overall goal and proposed name of the Committee
    Expectations for committee members (number of annual meetings, participation in specific activities, etc.)
  • Budget request for launching the committee