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The city of Paris is your new dining hall.

Paris is renowned for its food, and most PCA students take advantage of the city’s vast culinary offerings by preparing meals at home, eating in local restaurants or from take-away shops in the school neighborhood. A one-hour lunch break in between classes allows for plenty of time to explore nearby eateries around campus.


Through the CROUS, a public establishment of the French Ministry of Education, students have access to four restaurants and twenty university cafeterias where they can have a three-course meal for lunch or dinner for as little as 3.10 euros.

For more information about university cafeterias see the CROUS website.

Grocery Shopping in Paris

Parisians embrace frequent visits to the local market or grocery store, picking up just the freshest ingredients they need for that night’s meal. Don’t forget your reusable bags! They’re not just eco-friendly but expected practice here.

Grocery Stores in Paris


A one-stop shop, often on the pricier end, combines groceries with household goods and even clothing.


A budget-friendly grocery option, often including pre-made meals. There’s one in almost every neighborhood.


High quality grocery essentials for the price, a go-to if you’re doing a bigger shop.


Frozen food from berries and vegetables to french fries and tiramisu.


Specializes in organic and local products, caters to eco-conscious shoppers with fresh produce, plant-based alternatives, and bulk options for minimizing packaging waste.


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Cheap Restaurants 2023

This edition of Paris-Pas-Cher brings you a selection of cheap restaurants (less than 10€ for a set menu) for lunch or dinner!

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Free (Real) Food When You Buy a Drink!

Today, Paris-Pas-Cher is feeding you for free: there are a number of bars in Paris that offer fries, starters and even couscous for every drink you order.

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Seasonal Produce

When it comes to French savoir-faire, look no further than seasonal produce. Eating in season is an important part of everyday French life that can help you eat healthier, save money, and support local farmers.