fbpx Paris-Pas-Cher : One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce! — PCA

Paris-Pas-Cher: One person's trash is another person's treasure. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

Ressourcerie - La petit rockette
Photo courtesy of Amaury Cornu for Rockette Père Lachaise (http://hanslucas.com/acornu/photo)

In France, you cannot directly collect people’s unused and bulky items if they are left out in the streets (No, sadly, the finders-keepers rule does not apply to that bookshelf you spotted on the sidewalk). However, there are places, known as recycleries  or ressourceries , where you can buy recycled and reusable items for ridiculously low prices.

You can find everything from clothes to house ware, furniture to building materials at these specialized reuse centers and consignment shops.

In addition to purchasing at these stores, they are also the perfect places to sell your things too! Looking to de-clutter your life? Are you moving out of an apartment? Ressourceries are the ideal spots for this plus receiving a bit of extra money

Feeling thrifty and wanting to contribute some sustainability? Below is a list of some great ressourceries in the city, their addresses and websites for you to check out:


Extramuros l’Association (focus on wood materials)

156 rue de Menilmontant

75020 Paris



La Bricolette

41 rue du Simplon

75018 Paris



La Petite Rockette

They are also offering cultural activities such as danse and yoga classes, drawing classes, workshops, etc. You will find more detailed info on their website (see below).


Rockette Père Lachaise, 125 rue du Chemin Vert

75011 Paris

Rockette Montgallet, 41 rue Jacques Hillairet

75012 Paris



Emmaüs Défi Boutique AND Store (they also have online shopping)


104 rue d’Aubervilliers

75019 Paris


40 rue Riquet

75019 Paris



La Textilerie (focus on textiles)

22 rue de Château Landon

75010 Paris



La Ressourceries Des Batignolles

132, rue de Saussure

75017 Paris



La Ressource de Belleville

46-50 rue des Rigoles

75020 Paris



La Réserve des Arts (focus on various artistic materials)

14 rue Prêvost Paradol

75014 Paris



Other ressourceries and recycleries in Paris and its surroundings: