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Paris-Pas-Cher: Free (Real) Food When You Buy a Drink!

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Today, Paris-Pas-Cher is feeding you for free: there are a number of bars in Paris that offer fries, starters and even couscous for every drink you order.

Come have kémia with every drink you order at Le Penty!

Kémia (an Algerian and Tunisian tradition) is an assortment of starters: spicy potatoes, olives, cumin flavored fava beans, roasted chickpeas and more.

WHERE: Le Penty, 11 Rue de Cocotte, 75012, Paris.

WHEN: Mon-Sun: 7am-2am.

Free mussels every Wednesday in this Belgian restaurant.

WHERE: Le Bouillon Belge, 6 Rue Planchat, 75020, Paris.

WHEN: Every Wednesday at 8:30pm.

Free Italian buffet at Lockwood.

WHERE: Lockwood, 73 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002, Paris.

WHEN: Every day at 6pm.

Free couscous (yes, an actual couscous) with your drink.

WHERE: La Cordonnerie, 28 Rue Grenata, 75002.

WHEN: Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Free fries, mussels or couscous at La Comète!

WHERE: La Comète, 156 Rue Oberkampf, 75011, Paris.

WHEN: Mondays and Thursdays: free fries.
Wednesdays: free mussels and fries.
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: free couscous.

Free fries during happy hour at L’Olive.

WHERE: L’Olive, 8 Rue de l’Olive, 75018, Paris.

WHEN: Every day between 6 and 8pm with your drink.

Free aperitivo at Delizie!

WHERE: Delizie, 15 rue Damrémont, 75018, Paris.

WHEN: Tuesday to Saturday starting 6pm.

Go check those places out, there’s nothing not to love about free food.