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Paris-Pas-Cher: Let's Get Physical!

Color Run Paris
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If seeking out exercise options in Paris and wondering where to do it on a student budget, Paris-Pas-Cher has these options for you:


They have more than 22 locations in Paris and really advantageous membership options for students. There is most likely one near you. Now you don’t have an excuse not to go.
10€/month to acess all their facilities, add 7€/month for classes.

With more than 161 locations in France, KeepCool gyms are open every day from 6am to 11pm, even on bank holidays. They have big shiny screens and they offer a variety of classes. After sweating your life out, you can also relax in their saunas, all this for 20€/month.


The city of Paris has hundreds of bikes you can find in every single arrondissement.The easiest option is to take out a membership for 19€/year, this way you can cycle through the city at will.

Mieux se déplacer à bicyclette
Every Saturday morning, they organise a free 2 hour long bike ride through Vincennes forest, away from traffic. This is ideal if you don’t know where to start biking in and around Paris and you want to see some greenery. Meeting point is 9:30am in front of Maison du Vélo in Bastille. They also organize longer trips once or twice a month.


Mairie de Paris
There’s a lot of fitness equipment available for free in Parisian parks and gardens, just choose your arrondissement on the Mairie de Paris website and find what’s closest.

Les Berges de Seine
Every Saturday morning at 11am you can go to les berges de Seine and participate in a collective fitness class with a professional coach for free. Les berges de Seine also functions as a promenade on the banks of Paris and is a nice place for sports in the spring.


Stades Municipaux
You can go to all those Parisian stadiums and hit the tracks at no cost. Most of them also have basketball and soccer fields you can enjoy for free.


Paris Roller
For 25€/year, you can become a member of Paris Roller and roller skate through the streets of Paris (safely) every Friday evening at 10pm. Meeting point is Place Raoul Dauntry in the 14th.


Lunchtime yoga at PCA!
For 10€ per session, benefit from the experience of an English speaking, certified yoga instructor. Every thursday between 1pm and 2pm in -101.


Sport Découverte
Badminton, self defense, boxing, gymnastic… Come try all of these for free in your neighborhood! All you need to do is fill the fiche d’inscription, come with the required documents and sign up directly in a leisure centre.


Le 104
Come practice Qui Gong for free once a month on Saturdays at 11am and on Sundays at 12:15pm. Bonus: Le 104 is a hybrid space in Paris that often organizes exhibitions, plays, and a lot of dancing events. If you’re feeling confident, don’t hesitate to chat and dance with the people there. Hip hop, voguing, contemporary dance and more are practiced by people at Le 104 everyday!


Marathon de Paris
If you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can participate in the annual marathon in the most beautiful city in the world!

Semi-marathon de Paris
If 42 kilometers sounds too intense, maybe the half marathon is more up your ally. More than 40 000 participate every year, beginners or more advanced runners, everyone is welcome!

The Color Run
Only 5 kilometers long, this marathon is not about who finishes first. During the color run, organizers throw color powder at runners, and at the end of the run you get to join in the NRJ extravadance festival! Oh, and you get to throw color powder at other people too.