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Paris-Pas-Cher: Be Your Best Business-Self

lydia o'callaghan
© Communication Design Class of '16 Lydia O'Callaghan

So, you just went to a gallery opening and you met this really cool artist who collects human scabs who mentioned that they’re looking for an intern? They haven’t got a pen and paper, nor will they remember your name. And obviously they’re off the grid because they’re watching us. Paris-Pas-Cher is giving you a list of look-book and business card services that will help you become the successful professional butterfly you want to be.


They’re quick, they’re cheap and they’re professional: 9,59€ for 100 standard business cards.


They do other things than business cards and they have a lot of different options available, as well as one day delivery! Just in case you absolutely need your business card to go to the bar tomorrow night, you never know who might be there (it’s Paris, after all). 9,90€ for standard delivery, express delivery starting 21€ for 100 cards.


Quick. professional. There’s not much to say about them apart from we highly recommend them! 50 premium business cards for 26€.


You have to request a quote but they’re affordable and prompt to answer any questions. Plus, you can buy a card with credit on it and then print things yourself anytime without having to queue. Perfect for the busy artist on the go!


A student favorite, they also do business cards but they’re known for the very professional binding they offer: perfect for your lookbooks. If you’re in a hurry, choose “impression numérique”, you can pick it up on the same day and check the first version to see if the quality fits your standards. You can get 50 brochures for 50€, and get them by the unit as well.


They’re absolutely everywhere, if the other brands listed here aren’t close enough, there has to be a copytop within a ten minute walk. They print on anything there, even mugs. Slightly pricier than other options but always convenient.

If you don’t know how to conceptually design a business card so you’re wondering why you’re reading all this, take advantage of the on campus student led Digital Workshops every week. They’re free and you can learn everything in the Adobe Suite!

You can of course access the printers at PCA which are completely free. These printers are Professional Press printers. They can print very high quality prints, fold books, staple, scan, and so much more. Just contact [email protected] or visit them in their office on the 2nd floor so they can configure the printers for your needs!

Plus, the Career Development Office offers free resume workshops at PCA once a month.

Now you can build your resume, design it at PCA and then print it for cheap!