Paris-Pas-Cher: SOLDES

sarah maxwell shoes
© Illustration Class of '16 Sarah Maxwell

So, you’ve probably seen a ton of signs assaulting your delicate eyes with SOLDES in the streets of Paris. It’s not a French curse word, don’t worry. Soldes simply means sales. According to French law, sales happen twice a year:

Winter: January 11 to February 21.

Summer: June 28 to August 8.

Stores can apply discounts however they wish and it’s not hard to happen upon designer clothing marked down 80%. Go get that jacket you saw two months ago that you didn’t buy because it cost an arm and a leg (and then you would have an extra sleeve and no arm to put in it…You can get it now.)

Paris-Pas-Cher Pro tip: Most stores apply additional discounts after one or two weeks, it’s called “seconde démarque”. As the end of sales season approaches, stores start to panic and even apply a third or fourth discounts on their wares. Ideal if you feel like everything is still to expensive at the beginning of soldes!

You have until August 8 to take advantage of soldes in Paris.