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Finding inspiration


Hello again, and welcome back to the MDes Blog. This semester is going really fast, as we are approaching midterms coming back from winter break. We are ready to deliver our thesis and projects! During the last couple of weeks, we had some extra activities from our classes, one of them was a workshop about Social and Urban Governance with Thomas Watkin, where we talked about participatory design and urban planning.

Before going on vacations, we had a session with Naomi in our Final Individual Project class, where we discussed our projects and everything we need for the midterm evaluation. During that session, we had a chat about our difficulties and, in “bubble sessions”, we helped each other to come up with innovative solutions or new perspectives to look at our projects.

Thanks to the bubble sessions, I understood my difficulties and went to Mexico -during winter break- a little more motivated to find information about the problem I am trying to find innovations for. In my individual project, I’m developing a communication channel between women who have suffered from gender violence and the institutions and programs that exist already to prevent this violence or to denounce it. Developing this project has been really challenging but also inspiring, especially in the Mexican context around femicides.

Going to Mexico during winter break was really inspiring for the development of my project because I met and interviewed a worker from the Women’s Institute in my hometown. During our chat, I understood better the context in Mexico, and now I have more information and resources that could be helpful later. Also, I saw a lot of feminist initiatives that are being organized for the big march on Women’s Day and they are also organizing a massive strike on March 9th to ask for governmental actions to prevent femicides.

For now, I’m back in Paris, full of ideas and motivation for writing my thesis and developing my final individual project. Let us believe in design as a tool for social change.

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