It's almost time for the Make Sense Room!

Make Sense Room
Workplace and Gender Inequality

Welcome back to the MDES blog, these past two weeks have passed so quickly as we are finishing up a lot of projects, including our Make Sense Room (MKS Room). We have been working on the organization of the event for the past two weeks. It has been a roller coaster of plans and emotions – dealing with budget issues and a major impending transport strike in France. We have been very stressed! Initially, we were hosting two events on different dates and locations; however, we had to adapt to the new situation and merge our events together. It was a great solution, but we had to start our visual identity again from scratch… anyways, that’s life! After a big talk with everyone in the classroom, we decided how we wanted to merge the event, and we came up with something very interesting. Our MKS Room’s new name is Blinds Spots: The hands and minds that have been historically out of sight. We came up with this idea because we have been talking about inequality in different fields, including gender inequality, and the underrepresentation of craftsmanship.

During the week when we were solving the crisis, we also had a meeting with Jeanne, who is helping us understand and identify the many varied soft skills we are developing in the master’s, so we can talk about them to future employers. Being a social designer is having abilities that, are often difficult to quantify, or explain to others. By doing these exercises with Jeanne, however, we know the meaning of soft skills and how they are demonstrated by the projects that we have already developed. Having these sessions has helped clarify our goals and remind everyone of the value that social design has to the world.

We just entered the advising week for next semester, and that made me think about how fast the time is passing by and how long has it been since I decided to live in the City of Lights. Paris has been great for the past months, and hosting events like the Apero and Make Sense Room has helped me to amplify my network in the city, and France in general. I know I won’t stay in France longer than the master’s but it has still been constructive to understand how the social ecosystem in Paris works, and to consider how things can be different in another country from mine.

That’s it for the blog this semester, more to come in 2020!

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