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MDes after the Coronavirus outbreak!

Reading from home!
Daniela Monter

Welcome back to MDes Blog, this week has been by far one of the most challenging for everyone in PCA, and I could say even everyone in the world. Coronavirus has spread really fast and silently giving everyone the challenge to stay at home and continue doing work from there. For me, home was about 9516 km far away, so I had to catch a plane and return to Colima, which, to be honest, was not really that bad. Today I’m on my 7th day of self-quarantine, and I can’t hug or be nearby anyone in my family (until I prove I’m not contagious). Still, I feel better knowing they are okay.

With all the technology we have now in our hands it is easy to become oversaturated with information and stressed out about news from far away. However, it’s in these situations that I realize how small the world is and how complicated the problems are in a systemic approach. But COVID-19 is not the only thing that spreads fast; I was also surprised by the amount of kindness and resolutions that came with the virus. I’ve seen videos of people singing on their balconies in Italy, people sharing comedy and activities for free in their Instagram stories. I’ve also seen people sharing open-source files of 3D printing masks for medical teams and platforms sharing solutions for the upcoming recession.

Humanity is being faced with taking a pause of the overwhelming routine and thinking about others and the consequences of our actions on the planet. For me, it has been a time of adaptation and resilience, new schedules, different weather, new constrains. But it has also been a time for starting new projects, retaking old ones, spending time with close ones that were far away (even from a small distance).

For now, we are living one day at a time without feeling overwhelmed. We are not sure about how the world is going to be in a week from now. I’m not sure if I can go back to France for the graduation ceremony, but what we know is that we are safe. We can stay at home for a while without compromising anyone’s health.

I’ll leave you with some projects to help you get through these difficult times:

Open IDEO Challenge: How might we rapidly inform and empower communities around the world to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak?


#OnApplaudit and #TousAlaFenêtre: People in France gathered on their balconies to clap for the country’s health workers, fighting against COVID-19.

Access the world’s biggest art and culture online-collection through Google Arts and Culture.

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