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Highlights from the external jury for BFA Fashion Design seniors

Graduate Jury 2024, design by Antonia Avery

Over the past few months, BFA Fashion Design seniors have worked relentlessly on their final collection to be showcased in front of a group of external jury members. The BFA students presented not just their creations, but also their dreams and aspirations woven into their collections. We are happy to share a few images from this special evening which represented the culmination of all the hard work and creativity poured into the final projects of our students.

Our BFA Fashion Design 2024 graduates are:

Antonia Avery @antoniagrabheravery
Kelly Hsieh @kellyhsiehdesigns
Andrea Freydig @andreafreydig
Marin Yamada @togarashiberry
Tarren Garcia @tarrengarcia

The role of external jury members

External jury members play a pivotal role in fashion education. For this year’s graduate jury, PCA welcomed industry professionals such as established designers, journalists, recruiters, stylists as well as casting managers. These jurors brought a wealth of experience and an impartial perspective to the evaluation process. Their involvement ensured that the students’ work was assessed according to industry standards and current market trends and they also provided our students with valuable feedback that goes beyond the academic environment. Such critiques are instrumental in honing the students’ skills and preparing them for the competitive fashion industry.

Transforming the showroom with the students’ creative vision

One of the greatest challenges for our graduating seniors was to convey the essence of their individual collections by staging the showroom with accessories and props as well as presenting their garments on live models which they achieved brilliantly!

Our jury members were then able to discover each individual piece of the different collections, touch the fabrics and even try on some garments! This intimate setting also enabled one-to-one interaction between the student presenting their collection and the jury members, allowing them to gain invaluable insights.

The night ended with refreshment and of course champagne to celebrate our budding designers!

PCA would like to thank Lucas Maethger, Chair of Fashion Design and all the Faculty that have helped the students throughout their journey at PCA, including Caroline Elie, Lilla Farkas, Claire Jochum, Victoire Witdouck, Rosemary Rodriguez and Barbara Skuczik.

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Fashion Design.

BFA Fashion Design External Jury Members 2024

Antonio Azzuolo
  • Antonio Azzuolo / Fashion Design Instructor I Paris – New York City

Franziska Bachofen-Echt
  • Franziska Bachofen-Echt
    Je Suis Casting I Paris


  • Tobias Bodio
    Head Designer at Y/Project I Paris

portrait photo LQ Alice Bouleau
  • Alice Bouleau
    Partner & Head of Creative Pole Sterling International | Paris – Milan – New York – Brussels

Xiaowen YAN
  • Xiaowen Yan
    Fashion Stylist I Paris 


Willis Chan
  • Willis Chan
    Outerwear Designer RTW Jean Paul GAULTIER I Paris
Gabriella FENWICK
  • Gabriella Fenwick
    Designer at Chloe I Paris
Alyx-Marie Kleinsteiber
  • Alyx-Marie Kleinsteibe
    Brand Manager at Y/Project I Paris and PCA Alumna

Marie-Ève Lecavalier
  • Marie-Ève Lecavalier
    Brand owner of Lecavalier I Paris


Credits: Nanna Pause
  • Nanna Pause
    Nanna Pause I Paris


  • Marko Galovic
    Freelance Fashion Designer I Brussels 


  • Tanja Beljanski
    Senior Editor L’OFFICIEL ARABIA I Brussels – Dubai
    Contributing Editor, WatchTime Arabia