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MDES Blog: Change It Up!

Zero Waste Guide

Trying to get rid of paper towels and plastic bags?
Some solutions exist to go towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

So in order to reach that goal, MDES Blog is giving you with a few ideas of things you can substitute around your house to live more sustainably.

  • Replace paper towels by compostable cloths or reusable fabric cloths.
  • For the coffee lovers, loose the coffee filters and switch to French press or filter-free coffee makers.
  • Get rid of aluminium foil paper and use metal baking sheets instead (you can get them in different sizes).
  • Stop using dish scrubs and try natural wooden brushes to reduce plastic use.
  • For baking, use reusable oiled baking sheets, instead of parchment paper.
  • Replace plastic sandwich bags by bamboo or steel lunchboxes (get various sizes too).
  • No more plastic bags, get a compost bin!
  • Wooden or bamboo cutting boards make even better cutting boards than plastic ones!
  • Ditch plastic utensils for stylish bamboo ones.
  • Paper napkins can be replaced by fabric ones.
  • Switch from plastic to-go boxes to recycled glass jars.

We hope you found those ideas helpful!

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