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PCA Former Visiting Student Sebastian T. Thorsted Collaborates with photographer Jasko Bobar!

Heterotopia by Jasko Bobar and Sebastian T. Thorsted
Heterotopia by Jasko Bobar and Sebastian T. Thorsted

PCA is thrilled to host part of the exhibition “Heterotopia” of former visiting student Sebastian T. Thorsted and photographer Jasko Bobar at “La Vitrine” from March 5-20, 2020. A gateway to an alternative reality unfolds through the photograph!


In the exhibition Heterotopia, the two photographers Jasko Bobar and Sebastian T. Thorsted explore the relationship between the bodily and the artificial. Through a concrete and figurative language, the photographers investigate the question: How little is needed before something becomes, feels and is perceived as unnatural?

In the aesthetic universe of fashion photography, the body is dissected and manipulated into abstract figures and forms. In the two photographers’ examination of how the photograph as a medium can break with the expectations about the beautiful and the natural contra the ugly and the artificial, an alternative universe unfolds, where worlds of worlds, of objects reflect and mirrors one another. Familiar in their expression, bodies are revealed with humor, vulgarity, and vulnerability, as manipulated silhouettes. The silhouettes are manipulated digitally and physically, with the use of props, sculptured objects, choreography, and clothes; thus challenging the idea of how a photograph ought to look like.

“We hope that the viewer will experience the body and its forms anew, through our work and the exhibition. It is insignificant whether it moves boundaries or not, as long as it gives a sense of aesthetic experience or confusion, which hopefully can lead to speculations and wonder.” – Jasko Bobobar and Sebastian T. Thor- sted.

The body has become a topic used extensively in our society, as it has been given a certain cultural value, in the sense of how it should look, how we decorate it, cover it and train it. But in the exhibition Heteropoia the viewer is invited to divert from the political agenda concerning the body in order to experience it as an aesthetic object, which can be molded and transformed.

In the bridge between the fashion and the art world, Sebastian T. Thorsted explores aesthetic staged universes, which often examines the contrasts between the natural and the artificial – hence, the real world and the digital world. He has studied at the Paris College of Art and he graduated from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Visual Communication.

In his photographic work, Jasko Bobar roams in the exploration of the potentials of the photographic subject in terms of visual perspective, the staged, the anonymous and the sculptural. This has been the pillars of his work – which also can be seen in this exhibition. He explores and enhances given spaces, where the interpretations have been left fully up to the viewer.

Instagram: @ungtrum @jaskobobar @sebastiantthorsted

Come see the show on “La Vitrine” 8 rue Rocroy, 75010 Pairs from March 5-20, 2020.