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PCA at the Medellin Fashion Film Festival


Klaus Fruchtnis, Chair of Photography and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, has been invited to be on the jury of the Medellín Fashion Film Festival 2017.

The festival, which runs from the 26th to the 28th of April at the museum of Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia, is the intersection of the Fashion and Video industries. Producers, designers, filmmakers, photographers, students and all kinds of creatives related to fashion and audiovisual will be there.

During the festival Klaus will also give a talk on “Visual Storytelling: All Width, No Depth!” and run a workshop on “Visual Narrative: Chapter and Verse” with PCA Faculty, Lily Templeton.

Learn more about the Medellín Fashion Film Festival.

During the Medellín Fashion Film Festival, Chair of Photography, Klaus Fruchtnis and Photography faculty, Lily Templeton, ran a workshop on “Visual Storytelling” with photographers, film makers, graphic designers and bloggers.

The young professionals had the chance to learn to quickly develop and research concepts to tell a story in images and words. The aim of this workshop was to provide them with the tools, skills and processes that they will need to respond to a client’s brief in a professional and convincing manner.

Find some of the best produced videos during the 2-day workshop:

Almost Human

A film by Wild Sunglasses