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Heidi Rondak

Heidi Rondak joins Paris College of Art Lunch Talks

Rondak’s photography is conceptual and sophisticates fashion in a narrative way. She likes to work interdisciplinary, often in collaboration with artists from other industries. Experimental and detailed elements are an exciting factor in her body of work that may be described as versatile and colorful. The way she picks and stages models stands out as authentic portraiture covered in fashion. Her love for people and their stories isn’t only showing to advantage in her creations but also in the networks she’s building with other artists and professionals through her platform Mastermind and beyond. Her vision is to unite photographers and creatives and provide the possibility to exchange and learn.

Born in southern Germany, Heidi Rondak studied communication design and is now based in Berlin from where she works as a fashion photographer, director, author, and lecturer internationally.