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2019 SMC BMC Design Award Competition

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The SMC BMC association is organizing the second annual European competition, “SMC BMC Design Award.” This competition is designed to reward young designers still in school or young professionals (less than 3 years of business), who use environmentally conscious materials in their productions.

For this year’s theme “Sustainable Mobility”, candidates must highlight the ecological aspect and the positive impact that the project will have on society. Candidates can present themselves alone or in groups.

Important Dates:
• March 31, 2019: Closure pre-registration
• June 30, 2019: Final project submission
• June 30, 2019: Jury will start to select finalists
• July 15, 2019: Announcement of finalists
• September 10, 2019: Award Ceremony in Stuttgart

Expectations for Participants:
• Define full list of functional requirements, that you use as starting point
• Translate to part design: solution in SMC or BMC
• Explain the benefits of your design
• Demonstrate manufacturing-ability
• Convince us on market-ability and commercial viability
• Optional: structural analysis, costing

What is expected to be delivered:
• Power Point Presentation to explain your proposed design
• Requirements, key choices made, benefits offered, manufacturing capability, commercial viability
• Demonstrate that you meet the design criteria
• In English language only
• If possible, send us a prototype of your design
• One page word document accompanying the prototype
• One high resolution picture of your design (300 dpi min)

The Prize

Gold award: 7,500 € in cash/ 7,500 € in coaching
• Silver award: 1,500 €
• Bronze award: 1,000 €

Please check their website for details.