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About Design


This full day event, led by the Communication Design and Interior Design departments, will involve workshops and presentations around the theme of “What *Design* could be”.  The event will begin at 10am with a talk from architect Marcos G.Rojo entitled “Limits of Control (or the Unbearable Slightness of the Architectural Form)”.  As well as his role as principle architect at A U S, Marcus is an educator and has taught at Barnard and Columbia College, the Graduate School of Design (Harvard University), the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (Columbia University) and the Escuela Politécnica de Arquitectura de Madrid (UPM). He currently teaches in the Interior Design department at Paris College of Art.

The second talk of the day comes from Etienne Macquet, entitled “Time, Matter, Hand”.  Etienne is a graphic designer and opened his own independent graphic design studio in 2016, focusing on art direction, book design, visual identities and more generally printed and digital matters.

The afternoon will be devoted to some hands-on action as participants are invited to take part in a workshop with PCA faculty Max Franklin, in collaboration with offschool – “Practical Actions Towards Ethical Technology”.  In this workshop Max aims to engage with the idea that, as a result of every day reliance on certain technologies, our concept of what is “private” has been rewritten. Problematising this idea, Max will invite participants to discover open source technology and community, alternative services to replace those supplied by Google, Facebook, Amazon, and explore the inclusive possibilities that open source can provide (each participant will need a computer and an email address to take part).

After a hard day’s work participants are invited to stick around for a drink!