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Transcripts & Transfer Credits

Credit by Exam

Students who have earned the French, European or International Baccalaureates, a German Abitur, or who have passed A-Levels, US Advanced Placement Exams or equivalent university qualifying examinations will be considered to receive appropriate transfer credit.

Studio Credit

Transfer credit for studio/departmental requirements and electives will be granted for courses where the content is similar to the curriculum at PCA. Students must present official transcripts and portfolio materials demonstrating proficiency in the subject areas for which the credit is sought in the admissions application.

Liberal Studies Credit

PCA awards Liberal Studies credits including Art History, Languages, Humanities, and Social Sciences that correspond to the Liberal Studies requirements.

Notification of Credit

The Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) is initially completed during the admissions review process and finalized once the applicant has submitted all final transcripts to PCA. Accepted applicants receive notification of transfer credit prior to Registration.