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Blurring the Lines

The European Cultural Centre hosted the conference Blurring the Lines in November 2019.

Conference “Blurring the Lines”
Photography and education

As education is a never-ending process, this conference creates an open dialogue on photography and education with professionals, experts, and students. We aim to explore the meanings and the possible future developments of this topic that is essential in tracing and understanding where photography is going nowadays. Photography has evolved considerably since its invention, and the use of different processes and tools goes along with its evolution. The notion of storyteller itself has changed, placing the storyteller in a position in which a variety of tools allow him/her to communicate the same message in different ways. Photography is a generous medium with resources that are not merely physical materials and processes. They come with their beliefs and conventions that affect our understanding and the ways of production. Our approach to image-making is founded on the development of a new medium that can change the way we use existing media. For instance, new technologies can be used as amplifiers of locomotion and communication. And, with the invention of digital photography, the medium has become more accessible and less-technically craft-based, which demands a complete re-think of its definition and aesthetic approach.

The European Cultural Centre, in collaboration with Urbanautica and Paris College of Art, hosted on November 23rd, 2019 the first International Conference on Photography & Education “Blurring the Lines”, at Palazzo Mora, Venice. The conference hosted talks and presentations in collaboration with schools: Pedro Vicente (ELISAVA, Spain), Rebecca Simons (WdKA – Willem de Kooning Academie, Netherlands), Stefanie Grätz (HKU – University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands), Klaus Fruchtnis (Paris College of Art, France), Simone Stunz (ECA – European Cultural Academy, Italy). Along with them Donata Pizzi (Photography Collector & Curator, Italy) and Lidija Kostic Khachatourian (Curator | Thinker at Akka Project, Switzerland). Also, a group of graduates from various academies were invited to share their experiences. For PCA, alumni Jaime Huidobro presented his work as part of the finalists 2018.

“Blurring the Lines,” promoted by the Paris College of Art and Chair of Photography, Klaus Fruchtnis, is a call that aims to involve a network of international academies and institutes of art in enhancing and rewarding graduate thesis works all over the world.

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